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Why A Cowbell? 

For so many reasons, I believe that people need to be cheered on.  To be stood up for.  To be supported and helped along in the race of life.  This life is not a race of speed, or of coming in first place.  Instead, it is a journey of endurance.  We all face things that are hard for us, things that will challenge us to the very core of who we are.

I first realized the importance of cowbells in 2013.  I deal with chronic foot pain and was training for my first marathon.  I ran the marathon a Saturday and had a pre-scheduled foot surgery the following Monday to remove some damaged  nerves in my foot.  Training for and running ‍that race was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  I will never forget the pain I was in during that race and throughout my entire training.

At mile 22 I wanted to quit.  My feet throbbed.  My body ached.  Mentally and physically, I had hit the dreaded “wall."  I wanted to sit down and have someone take me home.  At that very moment, a woman in the crowd of spectators saw me struggling and frantically rang her cowbell while shouting out my race number at the top of her lungs.  “You’ve got this!”  She yelled.  “Don’t you quit!  You are almost there!”  It was that loud ringing and cheering that gave me the boost I needed to complete my race. 

We can all be that cheerleader to give someone the boost they need to press forward.  One person cheering for us can make all the difference.  Now let’s get cheering!

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